2 = hold, reservation, reserve, set-aside, title hold, booking, slack, cushion, standby [stand-by], deposit, collection.
Ex. If holds have been placed on the title, an 'X' appears in the hold column.
Ex. This system incorporates all the usual functions associated with the issue, return and reservation of library materials.
Ex. This is sometimes called a 'reserve' because the document is reserved for a borrower when it becomes available.
Ex. Even sympathetic librarians may not have the political clout to force their local government to mandate minority business set-asides.
Ex. If there is a title hold on the copy, an error message is displayed and the master number is not changed.
Ex. Film and other media bookings can be handled by one or two programs which are available for microcomputers.
Ex. Therefore, there must be some slack in the system to absorb the additional I & R services or the service must be reduced in other areas.
Ex. Libraries ordinarily have only a small staff 'cushion' to provide for sickness, vacation, and compensatory days off.
Ex. Standbys and understudies rarely get the job when a star needs to be replaced long-term, and Calaway and Patterson know how lucky they are to have beaten the odds.
Ex. Accommodation deposit will be refunded minus $25 handling fee.
Ex. While there are a profusion of techniques in existence to gain access to the collections, there is no uniform system.
* acumulación de reservas = stockpile, accumulation of stockpiles, stockpiling.
* acumular reservas = stockpile.
* admitir un número de reservas mayor a las plazas existentes = overbook.
* colocar Algo en reserva = place + Nombre + in reserve, place + Nombre + on reserve, place + Nombre + on hold.
* depósito de reserva = local reserve store, reserve store.
* de reserva = standby [stand-by].
* descuento por reserva anticipada = early booking discount.
* ejército de reserva = reserve army.
* en estado de reserva = on standby.
* en reserva = on hold.
* estantería de reserva = hold shelf.
* fondo de reserva = reserve fund.
* guardar en reserva = keep in + reserve, hold in + reserve.
* hacer una reserva = make + reservation.
* hoja de reserva = hold slip, booking form.
* impreso de reserva = booking form.
* lista de reserva = hold list.
* mantener en reserva = keep on + reserve, keep in + reserve.
* material de reserva = reserve stock.
* que no admite reserva = unreserved.
* reserva de billetes de avión = airline reservation.
* reserva de hotel = hotel reservation.
* reserva de libro = book reservation.
* reserva de libros = reserve book room.
* reserva de multimedia = media booking.
* reserva de películas = film booking.
* reserva de puestos de lectura = seat reservation.
* reserva disponible = hold available.
* reservas = stockpile.
* satisfacer una petición de reserva = satisfy + hold request.
* satisfacer una reserva = satisfy + hold.
* sin reserva = unreserved.
* sin reservas = forthright, categorical, uncompromising, uncompromisingly, unqualified, categoric, unmitigaged.
* sistema de reservas = booking system.
* solicitud de reserva = reservation form.
* tener en reserva = hold in + reserve.
* vino de reserva = mature wine.

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